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Woolworths is trialling all-electric online shopping delivery vans

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Silent Celery delivery!

Premium South African retailer Woolworths is looking to increase its sustainable efforts by trialling the possibility of running a fleet of all-electric delivery vans.

Collaborating with leasing firm Everlectric and logistics giants DSV, the vans themselves are Chinese-sourced SAIC Maxus eDeliver 3 units, each offering a payload of 945 kg within a 5-metre-long profile. Already extensively in use throughout the United Kingdom, the Deliver 3 features a 52.5 kWh battery that allows for an operating range of up to 344 km. On a DC charge, the vans can be recharged to 80% within 45 minutes.

“To power the vans, we source electricity from renewable and sustainable sources, including rooftop solar PV installations,” says the retailer. “Where onsite generation of renewable energy is not available or practical, we offset 100% of electricity emissions via renewable energy certificates.”

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