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Triumph’s first all-electric motorcycle features a Williams-designed battery pack

The F1 team’s Advanced Engineering division has worked closely with the British bike maker to ensure bespoke packaging.

Renowned British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph has teamed up with Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) to deliver a working prototype of its first all-electric motorbike, dubbed the TE-1.

Noting the significance of an emissions-free e-mobility future, the project has been undersigned and partly funded by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles through Innovate UK.

With the next stage in the evolution of the TE-1 including real-world testing and configuration, recently released images of the prototype show a profile that largely mimics that of the brand’s popular Street Triple model. In place of the three-cylinder internal-combustion engine fitted to that offering, though, is a 130 kW Integral Powertrain electric motor mated with a 15-kWh battery pack, specifically developed by WAE.

Featuring a toothed belt instead of a traditional chain, the TE-1 is packaged to keep its 220 kilograms worth of overall weight as centred and low to the ground as possible for improved handling and rider engagement.

Featuring a 360-volt system, the bike’s battery can be charged from empty to 80% in less than 20-minutes, via an appropriately powerful charging facility. It’s estimated that the TE-1 will offer a usable range of around 200-kilometres between charges.

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