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The all-electric Mercedes-Benz G Wagon is coming

Updated: May 24, 2022

Including the ability to perform 360-degree “tank turns”!

Still one of the most popular products in Mercedes-Benz’s modern portfolio, the G-Class continues to find favour among a particularly broad fanbase. Despite its proven off-road ability and old-school yet largely indestructible underpinnings, it’s the somewhat unlikely performance focused Geländewagen derivatives that sell particularly well, including in South Africa. More recently, the G63 AMG was the most popular AMG-badged product by request in this market. Included within Mercedes-Benz’s recent “The Economies of Desire” global product refocus, the G-Glass is set for an all-electric future via a new EQG designation. Unveiled in concept form at the 2021 Munich auto show, the brand has now confirmed that this all-conquering model will go into production in 2023.

Featuring an independently controlled electric motor at each wheel, the EQG looks set to continue its family legacy when it comes to off-road prowess. While a two-speed transmission will offer a crawl function in tougher conditions, the new car will also be able to perform what the brand calls, “G turn” tank turns. By rotating the wheels on either side of the vehicle in opposite directions to one another, the EQG can rotate itself 360-degrees on its own axis.

Likely to include the brand’s 107.8 kWh battery, the stealthy latest edition to the G-Wagon’s family tree will feature an independent front suspension and rigid rear axle.

Already committed to offering maximum operating range within its extended EQ lineup of all-electric vehicles, the EQG will likely to be offered with the option of a lithium-ion battery pack that includes silicon anode chemistry for extended range via higher-density cells.

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