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  • Writer's pictureIan McLaren

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo takes to the Western Cape dunes in epic Red Bull kite surfing feature

What better way to kill time while waiting for the wind to pick up?

As the world’s best extreme kite surfers recently made their way to Cape Town for the annual Red Bull King of the Air competition, new sponsors of this global tour Porsche lent its muscle to the event by supplying two examples of its all-electric Taycan Cross Turismo for a starring role in a promotional video. With the premiss of the Red Bull-backed video seeing four of the sport’s top athletes, Lasse Walker, Nick Jacobson, Liam Whaley and South Africa’s own Josh Emanuel planning an audacious adventure around Cape Point, Porsche sponsored Whaley arranges the two cars for a fun morning in the dunes, as they wait for optimal kiting conditions.

As a reminder, the Cross Turismo boasts a default raised ride height compared with the standard Taycan, while also featuring a gravel driving mode that optimises the car’s all-wheel drive setup for slippery surfaces. As is evident during the driving scenes in this video, the instant torque delivered by the Porsche’s two electric motors, as well as the optimal balance of weight realised by having the battery pack fitted between the car’s axles, from and rear, allows for some neatly controlled drift action.

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