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Porsche shares the GTS love to its all-electric Taycan family

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Porsche used the occasion of the 2021 LA Motor Show to introduce its famous Gran Turismo Sport moniker to its all-electric Taycan family of vehicles.

Harking back the glorious 904 Carrera GTS from 1964, in its modern application these three letters combined present Porsche with an opportunity to offer customers a perceived ideal blend between the level of everyday useability this brand prides itself on, and a touch more focused sportiness aimed at lifting these products closer to their track-focused siblings. In 911 guise, for example, the GTS occupies a middle ground between the Carrera and the likes of the all-conquering Turbo S and GT3 derivatives.

Broadly distinguishable via black or darkened details – including alloy wheels and tinted taillamp housings – GTS derivates generally benefit from improved performance and a more finely-tuned suspension compared with the models on which they’re based. While this theme continues in the new all-electric Taycan GTS family, an additional benefit sees these cars gain crucial usable range.

All-wheel-drive by way of featuring an electric motor on each axle, front and rear, the Taycan GTS is available in both four-door sedan- and Cross-Turismo-mimicking shooting brake shapes. While the latter Taycan Sport Turismo loses the raised height and Gravel driving mode of its Cross Turismo donor car, the benefit of additional rear passenger headroom and a larger, more versatile luggage compartment compared with the original Taycan shape, remains.

While both new Taycan GTS models deliver 440 kW of power on overboast (while using launch control) and can complete a 0-100 km/h sprint in 3.7-seconds, the real-world benefit of this upgrade is the introduction to the broader Taycan family of a potential 504 km worth of range between charges.

The Taycan and Taycan Sport Turismo GTS twins gain bespoke tuning of their adaptive suspension systems, aimed at offering more considered, sportier-when-needed poise while pushing on.

Pricing of the Taycan GTS range starts at R3 169 000 and includes a 3 year/100 000 km Driveplan.

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