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  • Writer's pictureIan McLaren

Lexus has unveiled its all-electric, spiritual successor to the LFA supercar

The apex model will likely feature solid-state battery technology.

Serving as an explanation mark to the brand’s recent commitment towards an all-electric future, the Lexus BEV Sport Concept is seen as the spiritual successor to the high-revving, V10-powered LFA supercar from the early 2010s.

The low-slung concept coupé is set to “symbolise the future of the Lexus brand” and will bookend a comprehensive range of exclusively battery-electric vehicles from Toyota’s luxury division, by 2030. Also recently revealed are concept examples of a forthcoming sedan and another SUV to complement the production-ready RZ 450e SUV.

“Through its development of pure electric vehicles, Lexus will evolve into a brand that offers a range of driving experiences, harnessing its unique performance development capabilities and honing its craft of making products that are even more personalised in their performance, quality and appeal,” says this premium Japanese brand.

Likely to feature solid-state battery technology, the BEV Sport Concept offers a claimed 0-100 km/h sprint time in the “low two-seconds”, with an operating range in excess of 690 km. Significantly, another advantage of this evolution in battery tech is significantly reduced charging times.

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